The Foundation’s history

The Jesús Serra Foundation was created within the Grupo Catalana Occidente. Its origins lie in the establishment in 1998 of the private cultural foundation Fundación Catalana Occidente (Law 50/2002, of 26 December, on Foundations and Decree 37/1987 of the Regional Government of Catalonia).

The Foundation’s creation responded to a specific need to channel the work related to the sponsorship and patronage that had been carried out by Grupo Catalana Occidente over the course of an entire century.

In 2006, after the death of Jesús Serra Santamans, President and founder of the Grupo Catalana Occidente, the decision was made to change its name to the Jesús Serra Foundation. This was a worthy tribute to the man who had defended a humanist spirit and values for the benefit of the community from the private sector.

In this new era, the Jesús Serra Foundation has relaunched Grupo Catalana Occidente’s work for and commitment to society by allocating more resources to it, and most notably, launching an ambitious project that will return a modest sum to the community.

About Jesús Serra

Jesús Serra Santamans was born in Pont de Vilomara, a small village near Manresa, Barcelona, in 1911. He was a well-known figure, particularly having founded the Grupo Catalana Occidente. Like his father, he dedicated his entire career to the insurance business and became one of the sector’s most important figures in Spain in the 20th century.

A man of great humanity, Serra also had extraordinary business vision and founded important companies and institutions during his long career. He brought his positivity and visionary spirit to all of his projects, which earned him several distinctions, highlights of which include the Creu de Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Cross) awarded to him by the Regional Government of Catalonia, the Gold Medal for Merit in Insurance, the Medalla de Honor del Seguro de Cataluña (Medal of Honour in Insurance awarded to him by the Regional Government of Catalonia) or the Medal of Honour of the City of Sant Cugat de Vallès which he was awarded posthumously.

Jesús Serra was a great sports enthusiast, both as a promoter and a player. He also stood out for his passion for poetry and music, for promoting numerous business initiatives and even became the only non-teaching figure to be named Honorary Member of IESE business school.

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